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If you are too tired to enjoy your life... too exhausted to create the change you know is possible... too burned out to even care that you're not being as brilliant as you are... your energy levels are asking for a huge uplevel. 

Have you started to wonder if there's *anything* that will make you feel better? 

  • It's NOT natural to be exhausted -- even if you're giving your career or business your all. 
  • It's NOT natural to be overwhelmed -- even if you have thirty zillion projects on the go.
  • It's NOT natural to be frustrated day in, day out -- even if most of that frustration is directed at YOU (for what you haven't done yet!)
  • It's NOT natural to be always wishing for the weekend... or wondering if living like this is all there is.
  • It's NOT natural to be operating at 10% of your capacity and feeling bad because you can't see a way forward.

Are you a creative seeker of change? Or a leader with a big vision and not enough energy? 

Are you drowning in exhaustion, doubt, over-thinking, depression or fear? Have you become dissatisfied with your work and life?

Non-stop hustle leads to burnout and breakdowns, rather than the achievement of the brilliant change you desire to create. It’s time for change! And that change starts with you... these are not the kinds of statistics you want to be included in!

  • 1 in 3 entrepreneurs are depressed.
  • Over 50% of UK employees report stress or burnout in their current role.
  • Burnout has a cost of over $300 billion annually (not including what it costs you personally!)

You can leave your job or close your company... OR you can discover new ways of living and working. 

I’ve been where you are ... and we’re here to create a new world together. 

  • A world where you wake up happy, energised and ready to create.
  • A world where you love Monday - Friday as much as the weekend.
  • A world where your work and presence makes a difference, every day.


Imagine a safe, nurturing space where you can discover new and brilliant ways to energise your life... without force, without a never-ending 'to-do' list, without only treating the symptoms, only to have them return time after time.

Imagine having the contribution and support of change-makers from all over the world who have also discovered they can't do it alone.

Imagine knowing that whatever is going on for you (e.g. overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, stress, burnout, a sense of doom... you name it!) there is a deep and different conversation available that will invite and support you to choose new ways forward.

Imagine... OR join the Lounge and make it real! Your membership includes:

  • A 30 minute live call every week where we change the big crazy things that stop you from having the energy to make your dreams come true. 
  • A monthly masterclass with a variety of guest experts who will dive deep into specialist topics like adrenal fatigue, recovering from trauma related-burnout, amplifying your voice, dealing with anxiety and so much more!
  • Simple, sustainable strategies and tips for energising your body, your creative energies and allowing your brilliance to flourish. It's all searchable and there's an app too!
  • A private online lounge (not Facebook!) where together we inspire each other to make the choices that energise and allow YOU to thrive.


The live calls have a new theme each week. You can request topics and there is space for your personal questions too! 


Simone de Haas interviewed Lisa Murray to offer you sneaky previews of the kinds of conversations we'll have in the Lounge during the weekly calls. Calls are at 6am or 6pm AEST to allow for international timezones. All calls are recorded and downloadable.

Lisa Murray is the Australian founder of Creative Alchemi™, a thriving international business that invites you to nurture your ideas into life. MBA qualified, Lisa is an unconventional business coach, creation catalyst and creator of the *Amplify Your Energy™* Lounge and Business Alchemy Lab

She authored 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' in 2016 and her new book 'Living Beyond Burnout' launches 29 November 2017. 

Having had burnout three times, Lisa has developed a unique system for preventing and transforming burnout that invites you to create a life that thrills and energises you.


(Please note you will be invited to add your credit card details to access the membership trial. You are free to cancel your membership within 7 days and no charges will be made. If you continue you will be charged monthly in USD until you cancel your membership.)

Please contact Lisa Murray if you have any questions.

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